Italian Coffee Stories

The story of Café do Brasil, the coffee roasting plant that makes KIMBO, the best loved Southern Italian coffee brand, began 50 years ago in Napoli, the capital city of espresso. 

The great success of KIMBO is mainly due to the Italian tradition of its high-quality coffee roasting plant. A mixture of the Best arabica coffee beans from South America and the best robusta coffee beans from the tropical regions of Asia is roasted for Autogrill according to a special recipe. This skilful and unmistakable mixture creates a coffee with an intense, full-bodied flavour. Take a fascinating journey through far off lands.

Specially trained baristas guarantee you genuine Italian coffee-drinking pleasure. Autogrill offers you a selection of many fantastic coffee creations.

Enjoy one of our Italian coffees today, and discover your own favourite in one of our coffee shops and restaurants.